A Day in the Life of my VdS Touch Me Junior

For my birthday a few weeks ago, my boyfriend gave me a Van de Spek Junior Touch Me in brown. I’m using it as my wallet (using the system described in this post), and I love it! It’s soft, floppy, full of pockets, smells wonderful (all the things everyone says about VdS binders!), and it works so well for me that my once weekend wallet system has started to become my everyday system…

Nevertheless, I use it most on the weekends. Here’s what a typical Saturday looks like for us:

9:04 – On the table next to my big wallet and coin purse. I’ve transferred all the important cards I might need on a daily basis to the VdS (ID, driver’s license, debit card), but I keep all my other cards in my normal wallet. As I look over my weekend plans, I transfer the necessary cards to the VdS (loyalty cards, membership cards, hotel information cards…) and leave the rest at home. Same goes for my cash and a few coins.


9:58 – I’ve cleaned up the house, put away the dishes, and am ready to head out the door. Here’s my VdS tucked all safe and sound into my bag!


13:46 – We’re going grocery shopping this afternoon, so I need to make a list. I’m working from my Saffiano, where I keep all our old shopping lists. I’m using my small notebook here, but eventually I ended up writing the list on a piece of Filofax personal sized paper so I could store the list in the Saffiano later, and I kept it folded up and tucked into one of the VdS’s secretarial pockets until we were ready to go.


17:29 – Here we are in the grocery store! I’m using the VdS as a support so I can tick off the items as we go!


22:49 – It’s been a long day. Here we are enjoying a cold beer and some dinner before heading home to sleep – tomorrow’s Sunday, so we can rest up a bit! 😉

Organizedly yours,


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