2017 Updates to Pocket Planner

I’m currently using my VdS Touch Me Junior (in Dark Brown) as my wallet, and it’s wonderful. Not much has changed since my initial set up (which I wrote about here and here).

Last year, I had a monthly calendar for general date reference. For this year, I decided to try a year planner. I never referred to the monthly calendar much, and I think the year calendar will serve my purposes for when I need to reference something quickly, without taking up as much room.

The other change was that I bought a value pack of white refill paper. For some reason, the coloured pages were just too “pretty” for me to write on – I kept wanting to “save” them for a special occasion (to make a more permanent page for the planner or something, who knows). That was unproductive, as many times I’ll be out and about without my planner and need to write something down or sketch something out. I’ve put in a bunch of these pages so I now always have something at hand to write with quickly – and I won’t mind “wasting” the paper because it’s cheap and I have lots of refills! So hopefully this will be more useful.

The final update for 2017 is, of course, a dashboard change. I enjoy making dashboards when I have time, and it’s a fun and quick way to change up the planner’s look for a new year. I was going to make new dividers, but didn’t have enough time – perhaps I’ll do so in January as a post-holiday activity! Here’s 2016’s dashboard:


And 2017’s:


That’s about all for this planner for 2017. It works so well as is that I don’t really want to change anything at all! If you’re considering a VdS Touch Me, I can highly recommend it, and if you’re considering using a pocket planner as your wallet, I can also highly recommend it.

Organizedly yours,


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