Fall Planning Review

Welcome back and happy first day of fall!

It’s been a long but satisfactory summer, and now it’s time to get back into the swing of things. It’s back-to-school time, always one of the most satisfying times of year for an organizeaholic – the perfect excuse to buy new planners, new notebooks, new binders…

However, nowadays fall is a bit different for me. Now that I’m working, fall almost feels like what summer used to feel like. My summers are crazy and hectic, and I’ve been going almost non-stop since the last week of June. Now that September is here, I have a few weeks to relax and regroup, before I start in earnest with my fall classes and groups in October.

As we move into this traditionally stationery-themed time of year, I feel it’s appropriate to take a moment to review how my planning system has been going, and how it’s gotten me through the summer.

Busy summer pages in my PPP Large Teacher’s Planner

This (my Plum Paper Planner Large Teacher’s Planner) has been my rock this summer. I have been so short on time that quite literally I haven’t even had time to write down my appointments and to-dos in my Malden – it’s all gone into this baby, since it’s always open in front of me (since I’m always working…I haven’t had much time for myself this summer either, so I suppose my personal planner wasn’t really necessary…). The wear and tear is showing, but I’m happy to say that the planner is holding up much better than I expected, and besides a few scuffs and some dirt on the back cover where it’s always resting on the table, it’s in tip-top shape. I’ll definitely be making this purchase again for next year!

(Nearly) blank summer pages in my Filofax Malden

This (my Filofax Malden), on the other hand, hasn’t been getting as much use as usual – but I wouldn’t have stopped carrying it or using it for the world. It’s so handy to have in my bag to jot something down quickly, and perhaps most importantly, for future planning. Once I get into the swing of the school year again, I’ll be relying on it more for my day-to-day usage…this summer, it’s been the perfect back up.

Finally, I’m continuing to use my VdS junior as a wallet – and I’m loving it so much that it’s become my main wallet for everyday use, not just on the weekend (I also haven’t had time this summer to switch out wallets or anything like that…are you seeing a theme here?). If you’re considering something like this, I would say that it’s a great investment, and a pocket planner could be a serious consideration for anyone who wants to have something always handy where they can write anything down. It’s like always carrying a notebook in your bag…but better. 🙂

These are my three main planners and my mainstays – more than some people, and fewer than others. As we head into a new school year and a time when many people adopt a new system, I would offer one word of advice: if you are going to use more than one planner or system, be sure that it is clear and logical to you where everything gets written down. In my case, only purely work-related stuff gets written in the Plum Paper Planner, because I know it will be open in front of me all day every day at work. Only personal stuff goes into the Malden, because I almost never open it at work (the only exception to this is work stuff that needs to get done at the weekend). The VdS is a wallet and I only ever use it to write down things to do or dates when I’m out and about and have nothing else at hand. That information then gets immediately transferred to my Malden whenever I get home. This way there is no repetition, and (ideally) no lost items. While it’s always good to be flexible (as I’ve had to be this summer), having a base system in place means that in your mind, you always know more or less where you can find the information you’re looking for.

Now, go enjoy the (slightly) cooler weather and plan away!

Organizedly yours,


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