Planning a closet overhaul – Part 2

(Check out Part 1 of the series here!)

The closet revamp is underway! I’ve started with what both blogs I’m using as reference (Putting Me Together and Into Mind) have suggested – figuring out what my style actually is. Last time, I showed you my set-up in my Filofax Saffiano. Now, I’m actually starting to use it!

On my to-do list, I’ve listed the different steps I want to take (drawing from my two sources).

On my goals page, I’ve brain dumped some ideas (and left space for more!). It really helps to get everything out in writing, and actually trying to establish goals is making me think more carefully about how I want to go about this remake this time. In fact, I noticed that even just thinking about goals and trying to establish my style has made me more aware – the other day I was in a big shopping district, and while I saw some beautiful pieces, I wasn’t tempted to buy any because I hadn’t taken the time yet to actually figure out what pieces I need/want and how everything will fit into my closet. Something to consider!

In the meantime, I’ve been pinning away on my Pinterest style board, and starting to pay more attention when I see someone wearing an outfit I like (here in stylish Spain, that’s about every five minutes). Now, I don’t have many scrapbooking skills, but I do like to write with my colored pens and markers, and use washi and what not…I’m trying to use these skills to start to bring my notes pages to life. For the time being, I’m playing around with handwriting and doodles, but as I continue to build on this I’m sure other things will find their way in…


On my notes pages, I’m writing down the trends I see on my Pinterest boards, but trying to make it interesting. I’m sure lots of people could do this more effectively than I, but I like the idea of making these pages an interesting source to refer back to and continue building upon. They don’t have to be perfect – but they’ll show me a bit of an evolution in my style and my thinking.

Another idea, and something I haven’t had time to do / isn’t really necessary for me, would be to actually print out some images or clip from a magazine, and make a real mood board or vision board within your planner.


The last thing I have to do before diving into my clothes themselves is to decide on the color palette. This is where I’m having the most trouble – but again, I’m writing ideas and thoughts down and trying to keep track (some of the color analysis/color theory stuff out there is fascinating…and something I’ve literally never thought about)! I’ve pinned a couple color boards to my Pinterest page and even have a color reference guide in my Malden, and I’m mulling it over. Stay tuned! 😉

My next step…actually going through my closet!

Organizedly yours,


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