Planning a closet overhaul – Part 1

Lately, I’ve been a bit bored with my clothes and uninspired regarding outfit choices – I feel like I wear the same things on a pretty predictable cycle. So, I’ve started reading some fashion blogs, and I’ve found some great advice on how to do a closet overhaul. Like any good planner (read: Filofax addict), I wanted to make paper-based planning a major part of this closet re-invention and organization. This ought to keep me accountable, help me make my goals more concrete, and serve as the starting point for a good inventory and shopping list system. As I’m going through this process, I’ll be explaining my steps and progress here. My objective today is to show you my inspiration, and how I’m getting organized.

I’m working from the ideas from two great blogs I’ve found:

My first step, of course, is to organize everything in my current “home” binder, my Filofax Saffiano.

I’ve created a Closet section, where I mostly have some blank paper for the time being (and some unused inserts I found in my storage binder!). At the beginning of the section, I have a to-do list to fill in the wardrobe related things I need to do. Then, on the first page, I have a list of my goals – why I’m doing this, where I want to arrive, what my style ideas are, etc.


I will use the following page for style brainstorming pages. I’ll note down themes that I see in my Pinterest fashion board, styles and things that I like, stores, brands, etc. I’ll also be brainstorming my ideal color palette here.

Once I start actually going through my closet, I’ll be using pages here to make lists and indexes (more on that in a future post!).

And of course, there is a references page for my favorite blogs (using a Filofax contacts page – at last, a use for one of those!).


Finally, an expense tracker page I made a while ago, to help me budget what I will need (and want…) to buy, how much I would ideally like to spend on each individual item, and how much I end up spending.


Stay tuned to see how things go…I’ll be back later this week with another post in the series!

Organizedly yours,


(Check out Part 2 of the series here!)

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