It’s been a while…

Hey all,

It’s been forever (obviously).  I should have put this on hiatus when I got caught up in the semester, but there didn’t even seem to be time for that…So, that said, on to a new (gasp!) entry:

Packing.  Part I.  Of very many.  Since I hate packing.  And am constantly looking for better ways to do it.

Let me preface this by saying I’m doing a lot of packing in the next month or so.  I mean A LOT.  Right now I’m packing up my dorm room to leave, then I’ll be packing to go to Honduras for the holidays, then Florida for some horse showing, and then Spain for the spring semester.  Yikes.  I’ll keep you updated with strategies (really!), but for now I’m going to just share my tried and true, most favoritest packing product ever:

Eagle Creek Packing Cubes
Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

These little cubes are wonderful for organizing your clothes, making packing seem easier (somehow), and making unpacking a dream (all your shirts – in one place!).  I have a few that I use…buy one for underpants and socks, one for shirts, etc.  First, it helps you limit your packing (very necessary, in my case) – if it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t come.  Second, once you go to put everything in the suitcase, it fits in in nice neat squares.  And when you get where you’re going, it makes unpacking and sorting through your clothes effortless, or, if you’re so inclined, it makes it very easy to live directly out of your suitcase.

Any sort of container like this is going to help you organize and think through your packing, instead of just throwing clothes into a suitcase (not that that’s necessarily always a bad plan).  Keep that in mind, though:  if you think through and organize what you’re bringing BEFORE you start packing, packing itself will be much less of a headache.

Let me know if you have any favorite packing strategies!

– L

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