A note on color coding…

Colored gel pens
These are your friends.

DO IT.  That is all.  As the semester kicks off to a busy start and I’m writing down my million and ten assignments for classes, I’m remembering just how nice it is to keep track of everything by color – especially in my planner.

Call me a traditionalist, but I’ve followed the same color pattern for subjects since high school:  sciences are green, history/social sciences are blue, spanish is red, english is purple (or black), and math is..well..whatever color (if any) is left over (I don’t take a lot of math).  So, that means for this semester, BIO 154 assignments are written in green pen.  AMS 202 assignments are in blue.  SPN 246 assignments are red.  ENG 296 assignments are black, as are HST 265 (I ran out of pens at some point).

So yes, some colors overlap.  However, I still make some instant associations based on the color I see an assignment written in, which on some level helps me plan work strategies.  But perhaps most importantly, the different colors mean that things DON’T BLEND IN.  That is SO important when you have a sea of different things written for every day – meetings, notes, emails to send, classwork, etc.

Put simply, the variety of colors is easy on the eyes, and helpful for the brain (and for actually making sure you get everything done that you wrote down, and nothing gets lost).  If you’re feeling super coordinated, match binder/folder/notebook color to pen color.  Then each subject’s materials will be easily identifiable.  But at the very least, start with the color coding of your planner – you’ll be so glad you did!

Organizedly yours,


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