Organizing the internet

There was an interesting article in the New York Times this morning (in the Business sections, of all places) about a new way to surf the web:  OpenDNS.  Basically, the article describes that the way we view the internet (i.e., by typing in to get here) is all a hoax.  These easy-to-remember domain names are just covers for I.P. addresses filled with numbers – and this cover is called DNS (and is provided by every internet provider).  So, OpenDNS is an alternative to this that works (essentially) the same way, but doesn’t crash, is faster, yada yada.  (Read the article for a MUCH more detailed explanation.)

But one of the things that grabbed my attention was the work OpenDNS does with shortcuts – apparently, you can set it so you can type something like “org” in your address bar and get to  Impressive – but isn’t that kind of like what most internet browsers do now?  Unless you’re the type of person who would want to set “asdkfja” as your shortcut to, I can’t see any advantage to this.  If I type “org” into my address bar on Safari, this blog is the first website that comes up.

Which brings me to where I’m really going with this:  how do you best surf the web and organize your internet travels?  I’m undecided about how to best go about this, to be perfectly honest.  Right now, I have my top sites in my bookmarks bar, and the rest organized into approximately 20 folders, some dating back to websites I needed to write term papers in high school (perhaps a little folder cleaning is in order…?).  This actually works quite well:  set up a folder for shopping sites, for news, for research, for travel, etc.  But I’m continuously searching for a new way to clean up all the cyberspace clutter that is my bookmarks folder.  This is an ongoing project.  Expect updates.

Until then, see what you think of the whole OpenDNS thing.  The article’s title, “Simplifying the Lives of Web Users”, gave me hope that OpenDNS would somehow solve my clutter issues.  Sadly, it seems not.  It offers excellent options for coordinating parental controls and preventing phishing attacks on all the computers in a household – so it certainly simplifies that aspect of internet management.  But I’m just not sure about anything else.  What ever am I going to do with all these sites I have saved?!


Organizedly yours,


2 thoughts on “Organizing the internet

  1. this is not a very new thing, you could command operating systems hosts file that match hosts (like, to the IPs always giving stupid names, just edit hosts file.

    OpenDNS is not for bookmarking, the main function is to help people when DNS servers go down, which is rare nowadays and rare in US, or some countries block by not putting matching IP to their DNS servers.

    beyond that a side function of it phishing feature.

  2. S. – Interesting. Like I said, I don’t really know anything about it, but it certainly sounded interesting from the article I read! It seems like an intriguing option, with some good security features – like you mention, helping avoid phishing.

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