A year in the life of an Organizeaholic

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who decided she ought to live like her friends for a day.  She was different and she knew it, but as an eight-year-old, succumbing to peer pressure sounded particularly appealing.  For a week, she refused to make her bed, and threw all her dirty clothes on the floor.  Clean clothes too.  Actually, she just persisted in wearing clothes that happened to be on the floor.  Her room became a sty (that may or may not have been her mother’s exact word…).

It didn’t last too long.  The little girl, of course, was yours truly – and all it took was that one ill-fated attempt at being messy for me to realize that what I really love to do is organize.  I lived for those times of the year when organizing took over.  I even took (a little bit of) pleasure in tidying the sty I had made of my room.

It wasn’t until I sat back and actually thought about it that I realized how much of my happiness revolved around organizing tasks.  My whole calendar, indeed, became a study in organization.  Thus, the highlights of a year, according to an Organizeaholic:

January 1st:  It’s a new year!  What better way to begin than by organizing the rest of the year?  Time to buy a new planner, fill in all sorts of goals, make all sorts of lists, and start checking things off.

March (in general):  Winter blues have set it hard-core, but spring is tantalizingly just around the corner.  Which presents us with – drumroll, please – spring-cleaning!  So March is good for making (more) lists:  what needs to be cleaned, what needs to be disposed of, and what needs to be re-organized.  Which means…

April: …is the time to do all of this.  Major closet overhaul, first and foremost.

July (at some point):  Usually somewhere in the middle of the summer, it comes time to reorganize your room.  Maybe it’s boredom at being home for such a loonnnggg time on school breaks, or maybe it’s general summer joyousness and exuberance.  At any rate, cleaning, dusting, and rearrangement fit well with time off.

August/September:  The holy months.  Back to school.  Enough said.  Even if you’re not going back to school.

November/December:  The holidays – time to reorganize finances.  How much can you spend (or not spend) on gifts?  What can you pull together from what you have around the house (aka, regifting – what? who said that?)?  What gifts can you make yourself?

And then you get to start all over again!  Organizing various things, for me, is caught somewhere between necessity, hobby, and obsession.  One I fully intend to share with you, my dear reader(s? hopefully?) with this blog.  Expect “How-To”s.  Favorite products.  Favorite stores.  Computer organization tips.  Web browsing tips.  General musings.  (And of course, anything else you might want.)

So with that, I leave you, until next post, organizedly yours,


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