Meal Planning in a Filofax – Updates

I’m going into week three of trying to meal plan in my Filofax, so I though I’d post an update. I’ve been writing the meals in my notes section…there’s not enough room on the days during the week to write them because I use a week per page format. My 2017 calendars are winging their way to me from the UK as we speak, so once I get those I’ll do a post on my 2017 system (or my plans, at least!) and how I’m thinking about working my meal planning into that.

For the time being, my meal plans look like this:

And the big picture looks like this:


Of course the first thing to keep in mind in that flexibility is key! That’s what all the arrows are about…the very first week, it was nice to have everything written down. We had a more labor intensive meal planned for Monday, and neither of us had time, so we switched it with an easy meal day. It was handy to be able to refer to a list, knowing that any of the options would be okay (as we had all the necessary ingredients!).

I can see that this is also going to prove to be a handy tracker going forward, too. I’ve been writing down what we eat every day even if it wasn’t pre-planned (this lat Saturday, for instance, I had a cooking course in the morning…I wasn’t sure what we would make, but knew it would be our lunch that day!), so I can refer back to see what we’ve been eating, and of course if we’ve tried any new recipes.

This week in Thanksgiving – here in Spain there’s no holiday, but on Saturday we’ll be hosting a little “Friends-giving” and cooking for that…let’s see how my meal planning deals with that!

Organizedly yours,


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