Bathroom Organization

Ever since I moved to my new apartment and bought some nice shoe racks, I’ve had my over-the-door shoe holder hanging over the door in the spare room, empty and yearning for a use. I finally came up with one, and so far, it’s been perfect!


The over-the-door shoe organizer is now a bathroom organizer! The clear plastic material makes it both easy to clean and easy to see what’s available, and I’m not afraid to get it wet when I shower. The pockets are also the perfect size to fit shampoo bottles and other toiletries, without being either too big or too small and confining.


I’ve hung it over a towel rack, so I can access everything when I’m actually in the shower if I need.


This has proven to be a great solution to an overcrowded cabinet, where things were constantly tipping over with a spectacular domino effect. Also, I think it actually looks pretty cool!

So, give it a try – turns out they’re not just for shoes! 😉

Organizedly yours,


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