Organising your closet – creating more space

As promised a while ago, I want to tell you today about a little invention that I just love. As a note, I’ve bought (all of the many of these that I have) with my own money and for my own personal use.

This is the sweater organizer that is solving my small closet problem once and for all (check out this version from The Container Store – this is one of the models I’ve tried and liked). Well, maybe not for all. But it certainly helps. My problem with closets is that I don’t tend to hang a lot of my clothes, except jackets and dresses and the occasional fancy shirt. However, my current closet dedicates a lot of space to hanging, as do most closets I’ve seen. Enter the sweater organizer.

This gadget essentially creates small horizontal shelves in your closet so you can fold and stack clothes instead of just hanging them. I hang one in my closet that I use for sweaters. My sweaters are organized and folded vertically (a la Marie Kondo) so that none get shoved to the bottom of the pile and lost. I try to keep them more or less organized by color, too, but I’m not super detailed about it. If you notice in the photo, the top two shelves are smaller. Here, in one compartment, I placed a shoe box lid on top of the bottom row of sweaters (these are all summer cardigans that take up less space). On top of the lid, more sweaters. It falls down sometimes, but not terribly often. 😉

I use another of these sweater organizers outside of my closet, in the small gap between the wardrobe and the wall (perfectly engineered to actually hang up by my boyfriend the engineer; not really sure how he did that). This is perfect handbag storage – none of them are smushed, and I can see all of my available options quickly (I have a tiny problem with handbags, kind of like with planners 😜). Likewise, here I’ve also put a small shoebox on the top shelf that’s filled with wallets, coin purses, and small evening clutches that might otherwise get lost.

Between these organizers and the shoe boxes with my tee shirts, my closet is slowly but surely taking shape – and more importantly, I can actually see all the clothes that I have!

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