Merry Christmas Eve…and happy packing

Well, I’ve spent this Christmas Eve – packing.  Oh, the thrill.  Since a family vacation is imminent, The Organizeaholic will be taking a mini-hiatus until January – 2011!  Yikes!  But to last you until then, one note about packing:

Set out everything you intend to pack before you put it in the suitcase.  Go through day-by-day what you will need, what items can serve multiple purposes and be worn many times, etc.  Lay everything out in one space, and size it up (look at your suitcase, too).  Try to condense, so that you can actually fit everything in your suitcase and close it, without having to sit on it (I may or may not be guilty of this one…).

But why?  The advantage of doing this is that it avoids (ideally) the last minute additions – which take up a lot of room.  If you leave a little extra space in your bag, you have room for souvenirs!  You can plan out what you’re actually going to need and wear, and be happy with what you’ve packed (and the fact that maybe you can actually lift your suitcase, by yourself).

Happy packing and happy holidays!

– L.

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